Opus BI develops state of the art applications to make business intelligence (BI) and data visualisations tools enabling real time analytics affordable for everyone.

Get Insights Like Never Before

Easy To Use

Installation takes a few minutes and you’ll be able to access detailed reports in no time.


Hiring a business intelligence officer is expensive – our solution gets the job done at the fraction of the price.

Improved Management

With all your data on hand see opportunities and threats and plan accordingly before they occur.

Automatic And Secure

Your business’ data is synced automatically and is never exposed to external sources.

Detailed Financials

Our reports are very detailed and are designed to give you a full overview of your business’ finances.

Access From Anywhere

Power BI is available on Android and iOS meaning you can see your company’s reports from anywhere in the world.

Business Intelligence Shouldn’t Be Hard Or Expensive

Opus BI believes all business’ need business intelligence and data analytics. Unfortunately most BI services are out of most businesses’ budgets, which is why we have priced our solution to make it accessible to all.

Our Partners

Opus BI has strategically aligned itself with companies on the cutting edge of make business management easier and faster.

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